We sincerely thank all those who have generously donated to our cause, and we want to assure you that the funds will be used for immediate expenses and to further the mission of This Is Us Softball. 


Although our season has unfortunately ended due to COVID-19 exposure risk, our mission of educating the softball community is the same. As an independent, player-controlled organization, we are not funded by corporate sponsorships - so your contributions are critical to helping us continue our work to build Awareness, Empowerment, and Unity. 


Your generous donations are being used to fund the many costs of our shortened season, including housing, food and transportation, and our salaries. They are also being used to help make possible future educational initiatives such as softball camps, seminars and other opportunities to engage with you - our softball community - to help advance our goals. These exciting new initiatives are in the planning stages now, and we'll keep you posted about our progress over the coming weeks.


Again, we are so grateful for everyone who has helped and supported This Is Us Softball. Thank you for being part of our journey - we're just getting started. 

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This Is Us Softball