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Engage with This Is Us Softball

Our mission is to spark change in the softball community by raising awareness, empowering each other and uniting people of all backgrounds. We welcome you to join our movement by engaging with us and supporting our vision.

Current Engagement Opportunities
Virtual Meeting: Awareness, Empowerment, and Unity

Interact with This Is Us Softball team members to hear about their unique and groundbreaking journey. These sessions will focus specifically on our three words: Awareness, Empowerment, and Unity. With each word, you will have important discussions around the topics of diversity and inclusion. These discussions will be interactive and allow you to gain tools to become more aware, empowered, and united as a team. 

To schedule a session, select the appropriate link below.

One-on-One Virtual Coaching 

Interact in a personalized one-on-one session with This Is Us Softball team members to hear about their unique and groundbreaking journey. We’ll discuss the purpose of the organization, and help you understand how to incorporate the values of Awareness, Empowerment and Unity into your life.

To schedule a session, select a player below:


Interested in supporting the mission of This Is Us Softball? Opportunities include outfield fence banners, foul pole insignias, or other naming opportunities. Our sponsorship opportunities are offered as part of our educational initiatives and programs and can be tailored for your organization.

Team Mentorship Program

Get to know members of This Is Us Softball, while improving and learning about yourself and teammates. Our Mentorship Program offers sessions that are more specific to the needs of your team, helping you to implement our mission of awareness, empowerment, and unity in a way best suited to your unique needs. 

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